Wednesday, November 5, 2008

My love hate relationship with S.F.

How can such an amazing city be so wrong sometimes? I LOVE SAN FRANCISCO! I love Powell Street and North Beach and Pier 39 and MOMA, etc, etc. 

There were two things on the ballot in the city that were just ridiculous. 

One---a prop that would legalize prostitution.

Two---a prop to name a water sewage plant after George W. Bush 

seriously though? They didn't pass, of course. 

If it wasn't so entertaining......I might actually be upset. 

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Sarah Smith said...

It's ok, I have a love/hate relationship with Berkeley.

Pros: excellent food
Cons: loony people, "holier than thou" students, people that live in trees, general seedy-ness, etc. etc. etc.

The excellent food outweighs every con!