Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Gay's Anatomy

SERIOUSLY? I can't believe this . I had high hopes for Grey's Anatomy this season, but things just seem to be spiraling out of control over at ABC. This season was supposed to be the start of the character Callie Torres' exploration of her bisexuality, starting with the Cardio surgeon Dr. Erica Hahn.... but ABC JUST FIRED THAT ACTRESS! 

To quote the show, "SERIOUSLY?" It's not just that, but another actress, who used to be on Alias, was being brought in to play a new intern that would be flirting with Callie. Now they are axing that entire story line as well. 

THAT'S TWO CARDIO-THORASIC SURGEON's that they have fired! First Burke (Isaiah Washington) and now Erica Hahn. 

Why did ABC exec's do this, I wonder? Hmm do you think some people were uncomfortable with where Callie and Erica's story line was going? Personally, I found it hilarious and somewhat heartwarming.  PEOPLE UNCOMFORTABLE WITH LESBIANS? REALLY? 

Anyway, I find it all quite upsetting because Isaiah Washington was fired for calling T.R. Knight a gay slur. Why isn't the creator and producer of Grey's fighting for her actors or her story-lines? 

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