Wednesday, March 4, 2009

the recession affects us all

Today, after my class, Chrissy and I went to get Cannoli (left the guns, took the--)

the Lunardi's Market parking lot is visited by ARF a lot and they were there today. It made me think of all the animals that might be affected by the recession. So I googled "animals the recession" and many articles came up--

Recession hurts pets as vet care expensive

The organization is seeing a lot more animals in this recession, many of them top quality pets that people just can't afford to keep.

In Chicago, "best friends" are victims of recession, too

These are just a few articles articulating the fact that people can no longer afford their pets. If you can afford a pet--a cat or dog--please, now is the time to adopt. They will change your life for the better, and you will change theirs forever.

Me--the self proclaimed cat-hater--I am thinking about adopting a cat, or another rabbit. No animal left behind---well...not quite.

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Sarah Smith said...

i'm not a pet lover by any means... but this made me sad. it's not like the pets asked for the recession to come their way or for their owners to abandon them because they cost too much money!! sad.