Friday, April 2, 2010

Weddings, Weddings, Oh My!

This summer I will be (literally) on the move most of my days. While not exploring the rich history of the Western United States, I will be doing crafty things (a list is on its way) and attending the many weddings of my friends and family:

May 31st -- Clint & Margaret

My cousin Clint: an Air Force pilot living in England, he flies refuelers and gets to take weekend vacations across most of Europe. He and Margaret have a truly romantic story, an almost "love at first site", and are going to have a beautiful, elegant wedding in McArthur, on the family farm. I definitely owe Margaret a great deal of thanks for introducing me to the delicious vegan "Black Bean Brownies", that are both addictive and a perfect match for a coffee addict like me.

June 26th -- Shannon & Greg

My best friend Shannon: one of my oldest friends, Shannon grabbed me behind the curtain at our freshman musical, On the Town, and danced with me during the overture. Since then, we have been doing a lot of dancing! Whether it's to Cher's "Believe" (which is actually banned from car rides...) or some awesome OK Go! or MSI, we dance and have a good time! Shannon met Greg while working at the movie theater (we all worked there) and moved to Arizona to go to school with him. I am really excited to see one my best friends start a new chapter of her life, probably to a song by the Beatles, and to quote Grey's, "We're adults now..when did that happen?!"

August 14th -- Trina & Ethan

My cousin Trina: Clint's older sister, Trina is like an older sister to me, and is just finishing her master's degree this spring, and getting married on her Birthday! I am really excited for her, she who has done so much; traveled all over the world and had so many great experiences, and now is getting married. I am honored that she asked me to be a bridesmaid, and I have to say I'm excited to be wearing our favorite color: PURPLE. Ethan has been finishing helicopter training for the National Guard down in Alabama, and has been able to commiserate with me from a few states away, regarding Southern Humidity and weather. Though I can't say I can commiserate with him about Montana winters!

I am so happy for all of my loved ones, and can't wait to celebrate their special days!

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.Chrissy. said...

Yes, and we will have to be each others date to shannons! :)