Friday, April 2, 2010

History on the Move Intro

For those of you readers that don't know, I am going on a three week travel history class. My mom kinda forced me into it, just like a lot of things, that I always inevitably enjoy. We all remember my 6-week stay in Italia?

The first meeting with all the students was this week and I am pretty sure my excitement level can't get much higher. We have one week of class in late June and then we leave July 3rd to explore the American West! Yellowstone and the parks of Montana are the highlights on my list, but the whole trip is going to be awesome. It starts in Louisiana, goes to Oklahoma, Kansas (I know, I know, big "Ugh" about Kansas, but it *is* a state and *does* have a history...unfortunately...), Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Washington, and ends in Seattle.

So expect to see some pictures, blog posts and historical tidbits (it is a 6-unit History course, after all!) in the coming months!

(also visit the class blog

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