Thursday, April 9, 2009

What lies under the shadow of the statue?

So LOST last

First of all, I have a few preconceived ideas about what might happen in that episode. I thought there was a 50% chance that Ben would die (there's a list floating around the Internet with three names on it..) and I thought there was a 99% chance that Ben would kill Penny.

That being said, here are my observations:

1. The second actor they have to play a younger Charles Widmore looks like the old man but looks NOTHING like the younger, teen version of him.
2. Richard Alpert had to explain himself to Charles Widmore...strange...a man who seems immortal having to explain himself to someone? Someone he "Doesn't answer to"?
3. ALSO--why are the others so primitive...over twenty years after the Hydrogen bomb thing and they still have only semi-permanent camps and eat around the fire? What's up with that? They're like nomads!!! WHY!?!?!?!
4. Charles said, "You took one of them to our temple?"
5. Locke creeps me out all the sudden. What is up with him? I don't entirely trust him anymore---and I want to trust him!! He's stalking off into the jungle and coming back mysteriously. Is he the smoke monster? Is he really resurrected? As Ben said, Dead is Dead. But Ben has been wrong before?
6. Ben didn't know Locke would come back. DUH. 90% of what he says are lies, and most of his lies have been told to John Locke...haha.

"I never pictured you leading your people from behind a desk. Seems a little...corporate."
"Was there something that you needed, John?"
"Well, Ben, I was hoping that you and I could talk about the elephant in the room."
"I assume that you're referring to the fact that I killed you."

and of course:
"You had critical information that would've died with you. And once you'd given it to me, well I just didn't have time to talk you back into hanging yourself. So I took a shortcut."

7. But I do believe Ben was going to be judged--he's had 3 years to mull over the fact that his daughter's blood was on his hands. It's obvious when he comes face to face (so to speak) with old Smokey, that his daughter's death is the one thing on his mind that he thinks he truly did wrong.
8. Illyana is definitely working for someone. Widmore? She has something up her sleeve.
9. Do you think Cesar is really dead? He seems like too much of an important "new" character to just be killed? Though his death was awesome--Ben says to Locke: "Consider that my apology."
10. "BOOOAT!" hahahahaha.
11. What is the significance of Frank Lapidus? He was supposed to be the original pilot on flight 815. Was he simply just needed on the Ajira flight to reproduce the Oceanic flight? Or does he have a greater purpose? Also, he needs to grow his beard back right away. I like him better beardy.
12. I can't believe Sun just abandoned her daughter. I can imagine Kate leaving Aaron, but Sun leaving Ji Yeon?
13. I find it odd that the Dharma people would build a house around an ancient temple area (Ben's house). Perhaps it is because the water filled in the hole kept Smokey away (something about the guardian of the Underworld couldn't cross a river...or something!). That water was a clue as to what, or who, Smokey is.
13. Charles Widmore--left the island regularly? HOW? If the purge happened in 1992, they didn't have control of the SUB until after! How did Widmore leave? The donkey wheel? SO weird.

"Find Desmond Hume for me and tell him I said I was sorry."
"For what?"
"He'll know."

That line alone made me automatically think that Ben killed Penny. I saw the scene play out in my head. Then Charlie started talking and it was like Ben's heart came through--then Desmond ripped Ben to shreds. It was awesome. Oh Desmond!

15. The guy that comes and talks to Frank and tells him they found guns--looks a lot like Justin Chatwin, who was the young cop named Eddie that went to live on the ranch with John Locke. It wasn't Justin Chatwin, but it looked a lot like him. It would be really weird if it was the same character, but it isn't. The guy is only in that episode.

16. Alex? Manifestation of old Smokey, just like Eko's brother Yemi. She got Ben to apologize and made him promise to follow John Locke.

17. Was he spared? Or was he punished? At the end of the episode it seemed like he might've rather died.

Other thoughts:

Only a few more episodes (not a new one next week) until THE INCIDENT!!!

The previews said there was someone dead in a body bag in the back of a van. Miles was trying to talk to him. Was it Daniel? My beloved Daniel was on the stupid list!!! NOOOOO!

Anyway. I miss my O6 losties. Welcome them back in two weeks.

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