Tuesday, April 14, 2009

25 Random Factoids

Taken from a popular tagged Facebook note, here are 25 (mostly) unchanging facts about me:

Wednesday, January 28, 2009 at 1:42pm

Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you.

1. I worship the ground Ryan Adams walks on. He is a musical genius. I would do almost anything to go see him in concert again.
2. Contrary to the popular belief, I am not allergic to gelatin. I do, however, get very sick when I eat olives.
3. No matter how hard I try, I still like Kanye West's music.
4. A lot of people don't know: I rowed for Oakland Strokes for about 7 months during my Sophomore year of high school. I ran 7 1/2 miles in one afternoon AND did stadiums. It was intense. It is also the reason for my on again off again back pains. I haven't gotten any for a while though.
5. When I graduated High School and went to Utah for 2 weeks before leaving for Italy, my mother asked me what color luggage I wanted for my long trip. I told her: anything but pink. Low and behold, if you travel with me, you've seen them: the fuscia bags that seem to glow in the dark. Hey, at least I have no trouble finding my bags at the airport, or anywhere, for that matter.
6. I get really upset when people think I say "BRYAN ADAMS".
7. I love making desserts, "It's the whole purpose of the meal."
8. I am in the process of writing several books.
9. I swear I saw Bert McCracken at Sun Valley Mall the other day. I SWEAR IT. Do you think he checks East Bay Craigslist missed connections?
10. I want to travel to Ireland and take lots of pictures, and stay in a cottage, and go to the ocean, and take an Irish History class. Or something.
11. I am like 1/16 Blackfoot Indian. We were a viscious, viscious people. I resemble them, yes?
12. Hmm, I made a huge deal about Valkyrie and never went to go see it.
13. For like the first year people know me, they consider me a bashful person. After that, they just wish I was.
14. LOL- CHRISSY! Hated Pink. I still hate pink, with very few exceptions. Althought, the Aerosmith song is pretty awesome.
15. I will stick with Chrissy here and say that I am clinically addicted to caffeine, and my chosen source is of course Coffee--lattes, simple shots of espresso, you name it--I can drink it, black, with cream, with Pumpkin Spice Coffeemate...thank you Starbucks, for getting America addicted. But at least we get our calcium from the milk in said flavored lattes.
16. I would have to say that I identify with the Republican party on almost every issue, I'm an Ice Cold Conservative to the core. I think that there is no hope for California, so I am moving to Louisiana, which is turning Republican.
17. Um...I'm die-hard Pro-Life on every issue. I don't believe in murder.
18. My dog is named after a fat, italian opera singer. You get bonus points if you know who it is.
19. I love getting judged right away. Because I love the satisfaction of proving people wrong.
20. If I could start an online business, no matter what it did, it would be called Anti-Penguin.
21. My champagne colored car is named Adrian Garcia, because he is American but was assembled in Mexico.
22. As someone who enjoys a good book or movie, I am vastly attracted to amazing storytelling. Therefore, I am addicted to LOST. Just throwing this out there...but if anyone wants to watch all the seasons, starting with Season 1 episode 1, I will watch them with you! I am crazy--I know.
23. I will put this out there as well: I don't get a long well with most girls.
24. All I want to do in life is really, truly affect people in a positive way. Whether it is through teaching or through my writing, I want to give what I have so fortunately received. I only hope I can achieve this.
25. SMOOTHIE, FTW! The best inside jokes and experiences are made in fast food drive-thru lines. For sure.

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