Thursday, February 19, 2009

Where was Sawyer?

Or my beloved Daniel Faraday? This week's Lost was amazing. By far, one of the best episodes. I think most fans felt that the flashbacks (from seasons 1 and 2 mostly) central to a certain character, were getting a bid overdone. These first few episodes of the season flashed between ensemble casts...which was a change..but not a better one. Now, this episode has established a few mysteries: what happened to Aaron? What made Sayid and Hurley get on the plane? What happened to Ben (*gasp* I think we all suspect something to do with Penny!)? and most importantly, WHY WAS JIN IN A DHARMA UNIFORM?

Well--these questions will get answered in flashbacks--hopefully--flashbacks that are VERY relevant to the story at hand--no more character explanations like Kate and her black horse or Jack and his tattoos.

Also, loved the U.S. Marshall that had Sayid in custody. She was on the show New Amsterdam that got cancelled last spring. Why was a U.S. Marshall taking Sayid to Guam? I will be interested to see the other survivors of the flight that Ben said, "WHO CARES?" if they survive. They seemed to be in the present time, if you go along with the idea that it was the survivors of the flight in the canoes. How did the Oceanic 6 (or some of them) get thrust into the past?

The next episode is going to open our eyes to what happened to Locke, so I assume every question posed in last night's episode will not get answered for at least another two weeks. Although, I heard through the grapevine that Sawyer might be "king of the hill" or a leader in the Dharma regime. Sawyer coming to Jack's rescue? Sweet Jesus.

Some Daniel Faraday, because we miss him.

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