Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Okay! SO--Jin is alive. Who called it? I guess I am 1-1, I called that Charlie would still be alive, but he isn't....or is he? Who knows.

Now we are faced with the Island hopping through time. My guess is that Ben will meet the Island Losties sometime in the past, and that is why he let himself get kidnapped by them in season 2.

Desmond is bringing Penny right to Ben, which is dumb.

Daniel Faraday's parentage is important. Is he Eloise Hawking and Charles Widmore's child? Did Charles Widmore leave the island because he got some chick pregnant? hmmm.

What the heck is Ajira Airlines and does the runway that Ben was making Kate and Sawyer work on have anything to do with it?

Also, why is Charlotte so affected by the time changes? Was she born on the island? Her condition is NOT the same as Desmond's was. This needs to be clarified. Desmond's consciousness was time traveling to a time when he existed. He needed a constant in both times to stabilize his mind. Charlotte and the Island Losties are not mind-traveling, nor are they going to times when they existed. 1952? Hell John Locke wasn't even born yet, how could he have a constant? Unless you consider Richard "Maybe It's Maybelline" Alpert Locke's constant. Anyway, I think what is happened to Charlotte has to do with exposure. Miles was next, and everyone is assuming he was the Dharma doctor with a million aliases son. Born on the island? Long exposure to its properties then. Ahh and who could forget the Polar Bear she found in the Sahara desert. Charlotte is still a mystery.

I still stand by the Island being Atlantis. BOOSH. Finite.


Megan said...

You make me think that there is some sense in this crazy show! You put things together that i hadn't! I miss you! How is school? We almost have Abbey's piggybank all the way full, maybe when we get it all full we will use the money to come to california and see you:) Love you and thank you for the piggy bank, i know when abbey will keep it forever! Cause i love it and will make her:) Love you Sista:)

Megan said...

Ok... so i am sure you watched lost last wednesday, who is Eloise.. where have i seen her before? Has she been on the island or what she looks so familiar, but i can't remember from where or what! Thanks i know you will know love you sister!