Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Why Louisiana?

"Actually, I'm from California."
"Really? Why did you move here!?!?"

You would not believe how many times I get this question. So to simplify it, here are the reasons:

1) Adventure! I wanted to step out of my comfort zone and experience something new and completely different than what I knew. While Louisiana is still familiar, there are a lot of differences between the food, culture, and social structures than in California. Believe it or not, sometimes it feels completely different! But it has almost all* the comforts of home.

*There is, however, a lack of good Mexican food and cheap sushi.

2) Cost! It is a fact that you get more bang for your buck here. My housing, a bedroom and bath all to myself with 3 roommates, two living rooms, a kitchen and washer/dryer, is the cost equivalent of a shared dorm room at a California university! The tuition, even out of state, is equal (and since the tuition hikes in Cali) or lower to California tuition.

3) Atmosphere! The overall feeling at the ULL campus is laid back and not LIBERAL. I don't feel the weight of a liberal faculty or student body, in fact, it's the opposite! There is a huge population of Catholic students (and other religions) on campus, who are active and outspoken. There's even a Catholic chapel on campus, Our Lady of Wisdom! I see Father Chester at Zeus all the time (the on campus Greek cafe).

4) The Campus Aesthetic: the campus is gorgeous! I fell in love with the buildings almost instantly! The ancient green tree canopies over the walk ways give it an old world feel, the look of an ivy league with less pretension.

5) My friend Sarah said it fit me perfectly: Sarah said I would fit in on this campus more than she did (she's a French major), and she was right! Not only was it a great choice, but I couldn't imagine myself anywhere else. I love my teachers and classes, and have made some great friends here. Who knows what I will do when I graduate!

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