Thursday, October 2, 2008

Boys Boys Boys! and Girl.

My sisters are having boys! My oldest sister Keara, who has two girls, Jenna and Ellie, thinks she wants to name hers Jackson--a wonderful name, if I say so myself. And Ashley, the next oldest, is also having a boy, but isn't sure on the name. 

I like the name Jackson. There's a character named Jackson on All My Children... I, myself, was named after a character on All My Children. 

I like the name Greenlee (another name from All My Children)... she is played by Rebecca Budig, see to the right. Do you think this is a horrible name for a female child? A lot of people I know think this, but I've fallen in love with a tradition of naming a daughter a name from AMC, and I can't let it go. 

I'd always have the name "Lee" to fall back on. There a quite a few girl Lees out there, especially musicians from Nashville. 


Anonymous said...

I'm a huge fan of RB, and her character Greenlee. I think it's a unique name. In a world of unique names, why not go for it if you love it :)

Sarah Smith said...

I really like the name Jackson (for a boy or a girl). Really the only girl's name I never liked was "George". Some poor, cute little girl at my cousin's preschool was named George.

I'm happy to hear about your application to UL! Call me/Text me/whatever if you have any questions!

Sarah Smith said...

Oh, and I had no idea you were named after an AMC character! I think the family should keep up the tradition. :)