Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A few twenty-ones

So August and September brought my and Sarah's lives to a count of 21 years. Here are some of the photos to document said birthday celebrations:Sarah, Me, & Behnaz

Sarah and Yvonne, who is holding one of my gifts to Sarah; BITCH wine.

Sarah & I

The group: Yvonne, Nnoma, Emily, Sarah and Me!


I was very privileged to meet Sarah's good friend Carla, who invited all of us to her going-away / birthday party. She is half Lebanese and is spending a year there studying abroad. We had a great time dancing Lebanese-style and meeting some cool people!
POKER NIGHT! The weekend of my birthday. Not many pictures, but we had a great time playing poker! Behnaz, my awesome roommate, cooked delicious Iranian food on my request! IT WAS FABULOUS!
Called Zuresch Pollo, the dish is made with Jasmine rice, barbaries, saffron, onion, and chicken. IT IS SOOOOO GOOD.

Another adventure in between our birthday was SUSHI NIGHT. Sarah has a make your own sushi kit. We had some good Sweet Potato rolls and a few other homemade concoctions, as well as the "I SAY SAKE YOU SAY BOMB" experience.

I am sure more adventures are to come.

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Bri said...

your cake looked delcious. perhaps you'll find my blog of interest =]