Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Don't Mess With Texas

I swear, I didn't! But they keep sending me stuff!

My mom told me I had received some travel information from the state of Texas. She sent it to me in one of her amazing care packages. It's a 1/2 inch thick booklet of every single thing there is to do in Texas, plus another booklet of accommodations, and a map. So weird. The only places I stopped in Texas were Shannon's Aunt and Uncle's house and the Olive Garden. No Mom, I did not get a speeding ticket in my knowledge.

So freakier---I get the same stuff in the mail HERE, in Louisiana, last week. First of all, my address here is only known to my mom, my bank, and recently posted on my facebook page. How did the Texas Department of Transportation, Travel Division, get my information?????

AND THEN TODAY---as I am innocently perusing the local news website, I happen upon this ad:

Is this a sign for God? Am I supposed to vacation in Texas? Or is their tourism department just THAT good?

I am not even thinking about messing with Texas:


Seriously? What is up with your state, President Bush, and stalking ME?!?!

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