Saturday, January 17, 2009

Starting out in 2009

Okay--long time, no post. 2009 could be a great year. So far, it's been okay.

I bought a nifty International Weekly Calendar, similar to this book:

The 2009 Calendar of Bunny Suicides. I'll admit, it's very dark, dark humor. But since I have a rabbit, a furry little brat, I think I can safely lug the datebook around and not feel guilty. It's almost like all those dead baby jokes, but not quite as bad.
So as far as school schedules go, I have a relatively light load of 4 classes. We'll see how I feel about it in a month.
My Goals for 2009 *mostly for the semester*
-finish my applications and get accepted to all the schools. Go to UL. LOL.
-finish my first novel. I laugh. It could happen.
-eat more vegetables, less Chipotle.
-read more books, at a healthy level...NOT staying up 8 hours until 7 am to finish a book I started the night before.
-Go to church every Sunday.
I can't think of any others right now.
Wherever I am transferring to, *cough* UL *cough*, I think I want to move there in June, and either take a part-time schedule, or no schedule at all, and just work and get used to the new environment. Thanks Dad, for that great piece of advice. A Hilary out of water is no pretty sight.
Um...anything else? I guess I could post it later. Ciao.

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Sarah Smith said...

Your calendar is so funny! Really dark, yes... but hilarious nonetheless!

I hope your 2009 is great! Btw, if my roommate who is moving out next week can't find someone to move in by June then I'm sure she'd let you take over her lease that goes till the end of July 2009...